Classic Luxury Polarized Oval Sunglasses Vintage Brand Driving Men Women


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Products: polarized riding glasses sunglasses

Color: as shown in the figure

Lens: TAC polarizer

Frame: high quality alloy

Gender: male and female

Weight: 23g

Size: as shown in the figure.

Polarization: Yes

UV resistance rating: UV400

Applicable scenes: driving, cycling, leisure, beach


1. [Brand new quality] 100% brand new quality.

2. [Durable] It is made of high-quality alloy, corrosion-resistant by vacuum plating, long service life, and durable.

3. [Silicone nose support] Silicone air nose support, which is softer and more comfortable to wear, and has no pressure when worn for a long time.

4. [Elastic dumpling chain] Spring dumpling chain can be adjusted in the space of plus or minus 5-25, and it can adjust itself according to the width of the face. It’s a comfortable experience and lets you say goodbye to discomfort!

5. [Polarizing] Polarizing glasses, UV400 anti-ultraviolet, eye protection, night vision color-changing film, which can automatically change color with the intensity of ultraviolet rays and can be used day and night.

6. [Applicable scenario] It is suitable for driving, fishing, sports and riding, etc.


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